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Concrete flooring screed

BAUFLOOR Flooring screed (8-15 mm thick)


Baufloor thin-layer screedscreed-thickness-8-15-mm

BAUFLOOR - is new, technologically advanced PCC flooring screed that has all the advantages of using polymers and cements together. Can be used to refurbish old, damaged concrete floors or to provide new hard wearing surfaces.When mixed with water, BAUFLOOR gives a low odour, fluid, fast setting, non hazardous mortar. Due to functional and aesthetic requirements BAUFLOOR can be finished as a standard, spike- rolled or superflat, power-floated surface.


Thin-layer screed, power plant shop

Manufacturing plant, Power plant

Underground parking, pcc screed

Multi-storey car park - more photos

Graphite PCC screed at company office

Conference room, company office
- more photos

 Colour range 



Baufloor® Prestige: decorative variant of our screed

BAUBOND - bonding mortar, it is a new PCC formula providing maximum flexibility and bond strength. BAUBOND should be applied onto dry and clean surface then BAUFLOOR is applied "fresh-on-fresh" SPECIAL PROPERTIES:

  • heavy duty
  • abrasion resistant
  • fast track installation
  • colour range
  • attractive finish
  • maintenance free


 Gama kolorów 





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Baufloor Enduro

thin layer PCC trowelled screed bag

BAUFLOOR® ENDURO Thin‐layer, trowelled concrete floor PCC, 8‐15 mm

Production of even, smooth, abrasion‐resistant, thin‐layer, floated concrete floors that are suitable for intensive use on new and repaired concrete foundations. To be used indoors and outdoors, in steel and power plants, production facilities, warehouses etc.

Consumption approx. 2,0 kg/m2 for each mm

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Baufloor Top

Anti slip screed, bag

BAUFLOOR® TOP Thin-layer, self-spread polymer-cement PCC flooring, 8-15 mm,

Production of even, anti-skid, smooth, abrasion‐resistant thin-layer PCC flooring on new and repaired concrete foundations. To be used indoors and outdoors, in manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking lots, etc. 

Consumption approx. 2,0 kg/m2 per each mm of thickness

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Baufloor Press

Baufloor Press decorative stamped screed, bag

BAUFLOOR® PRESS Thin‐layer, self‐spread decorative floor PRESSBETON® 8‐15 mm CT‐C40‐F10‐A15
Making of decorative, thin‐layer surfaces in PRESSBETON® technology on existing concrete foundations. To be used in parking lots, squares, pavements, terraces, patios, in pubs, restaurants, public facilities, commercial centres and in other facilities of higher aesthetic requirements.

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PressBeton release agent 

Release agent is ready to use, powdery mix preventing Pressbeton® pattern forms from sticking to fresh concrete surface. Additionaly release agent adds second shady color to paving or flooring. Release agent is to be applied just before concrete is to be stamped with forms. After 48 hours release agent's leftovers may be washed off with detergent and pressure washer.

Consumption approx. 0,1 - 0,2 kg/m2



Grounding 5l container

BAUGRUNT® Grounding compound. Concentrate to be diluted with water
Dispersion of modified acrylic resin, ready to use after mixing with water. For grounding concrete surfaces before every application of thin‐layer cement floors. Seals the foundation. Prevents the removal of water from the mortar. Increases the adhesion of the mortar to the foundation. Improves the spread of self‐levelling mortars.

Concentrate consumption approx. 0,15 - 0,25 l kg/m2 for 3 layers

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Bonding agent

BAUBOND® Cement‐polymer adhesive layer
Bridges tensions between the old concrete surfacing and a thin layer con‐crete flooring. To perform bonding layer connecting a new concrete layer pavement with the existing concrete floor. Transmit tension between the new floor and the ground. High adhesion to concrete.

Consumption approx. 1,5-2,5 kg/m2

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Bauseal Eko

Bauseal Eko sealer


BAUSEAL® EKO, Waterbased sealer for concrete floors
Ready‐to‐use water dispersion of acrylic resin, which impregnates concrete surface while sealing and hardening it. BAUSEAL EKO does not degrade and it creates a permanent bonding with the concrete matrix. To be used on surface-hardened concrete floors, floated BAUFLOOR floors and decorative wall layers to strengthen their surface, decrease absorbency and protect from dusting.


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Bauseal Enduro

Bauseal Enduro sealer

BAUSEAL® ENDURO, Solvent based sealer for concrete floors
To be used on new surface hardened concrete floors, Baufloor floors in trowelled technology as protection from losing water too quickly. For surface impregnation, decreasing absorbency and making it easier to keep the floor clean. To be used on existing surface-hardened concrete floors to strengthen their surface, decrease absorbency and protect from dusting.

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More sealers


Bauflex 2525 
Joint sealant 

BAUFLEX® 25 Two component, flexible high performance sealant for internal and external flooring
Polyurethane based, dyed, flexible sealant, with high mechanical resistance. Indoor and outdoor applications: for warehouses, production areas, pedestrian and traffic areas when leakproofing is required. Well suited to surfaces in food industry and surfaces exposed to weather and temperature differences.

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Bauflex 3535 
1‐component high performance sealant for flooring 

BAUFLEX® 35 1-component high performance sealant for flooring
Used to fill contraction and expansion joints in floors. Indoor and outdoor applications - for warehouses, production areas, pedestrian and traffic areas. Recommended for food industry and surfaces exposed to weather and temperature differences. Range of colours.

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Bauflex 6565 
Two component sealant for flooring 

BAUFLEX® 65 Two component, high performance sealant for flooring
Polyurethane based, dyed, high performance sealant for internal flooring. Used to fill contraction and expansion joints in floors. Indoor applications - for warehouses, production areas, traffic areas etc. Recommended for food industry.

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Bauflex Primer
Primer for sealants   

BAUFLEX® PRIMER for sealants
Ready to use polyurethane primer for joint sealants. Used to obtain a proper bond of sealant to the concrete joints. Increases sealants adhesion to concrete

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Joint filler cord 

BAUCORD® Joint filler cord
Flexible and chemically resistant material made of polyethylene foam. Ensures proper formation of space within the joints in external and internal concrete floors before filling with BAUFLEX joint sealant. Ensures proper distribution of forces within the expansion joints, in a perpendicular direction to the joint, ensuring its correct work.

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Joint filling insert 

BAUFIX® Filling insert
Made of specially selected PVC of proper flexibility and colours matching the surface. Used for temporary or final filling of expansion and contraction joints in concrete floors and Terrafloor® decorative polished screeds.


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